Getting started with SharePoint

Logging on to SharePoint

Go to the Your DSA Home page at

When you click on any of the of the dropdowns for the first time, you will need to log into SharePoint

  • You will see a login screen for Office 365
  • For your username, use your equivalent of <hokies_pid> (e.g.
  • When you tab to the next field, you will be taken to the Virginia Tech "Active Directory Federated Services" page.
  • Your user name will already be populated from the prior page
  • Use your hokies password

Activating your Office 365 & SharePoint

If you are unable to access SharePoint using the menu at the top of the page, then you may need to activate your license. The link on that page will take you to the instructions for activating your license. It can take up to 24 hours for activation to complete.

Videos: Introduction to SharePoint

As part of our Introduction to SharePoint we created three introductory videos (see sidebar) to familiarize yourself with the DSA SharePoint network. Total time: 8 minutes.

  • The first video shares how to activate the Office365 and SharePoint license and logging on to SharePoint. (3:03)
  • The second video introduces you to the DSA SharePoint central communication hub. (2:18)
  • The third video compares public team sites and private team sites. (2:38)

Once you've watched these three videos, please complete this SharePoint and Office365 Quiz.

SharePoint Online and Office 365 Resources

  • Glossary of Terms
    SharePoint Online and Office 365 have their own language; here are some of the more commonly used terms and their meanings.
  • SharePoint Online & Office 365 Resources
    This is your one-stop shop for learning resources for Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Resources include face-to-face as well as self-directed options including videos, tutorials, websites and more.

Getting started with OneNote

We're seeing more and more usage around the division for OneNote, especially for meeting notes. One of the reasons I think it has caught on it because all of the meeting notes live in one file, and you can connect the OneNote file directly to the desktop version of OneNote, and it remains accessible to you wherever you are, and syncs to the online version whenever you're connected to the Internet.

What is OneNote?

OneNote is essentially an electronic binder, and just like a real binder, it contains tabs and pages. OneNote allows you to organize your daily work just like a planner allows you to do, and helps you archive information just like a binder does. OneNote has a number of features that can enhance your productivity, such as tagging, adding Outlook tasks, or emailing pages to other users. To get started with OneNote, attend one of the UOPD OneNote classes. They are well worth your time.


Creating a discussion on SharePoint Central

Click here to view this Sway tutorial in full screen mode.