An introduction to SharePoint Central

SharePoint Central

SharePoint Central is the Division’s central internal communications hub on SharePoint.

  • SharePoint Central is a VT-Access site, meaning that anyone within the university’s SharePoint system can see and read about Student Affairs and some of our current key initiatives.
  • Announcements is the new “listserv messages” location, where information will be pushed out to our employees.
  • Discussions will be where key content is shared, questions can be asked, and initial high-level sharing will occur.
  • The Calendar will house divisional events, key academic calendar dates, and other important dates or events of interest to Student Affairs.
  • On the left there is a side bar. You’ll find Public Site Quicklinks to key items — our website, the staff page, leadership and the strategic plan.

Initiatives on SharePoint Central

These have been identified as key focus areas divisionally that all staff should be aware of and well-versed in; we wanted to highlight them here and put information quickly at your fingertips.

  • High Impact Practices will include information on Mentorships, Internships, study abroad, and other High Impact Practices. To learn more, click on the box and then check out the HIP_tables PDF in the document library. Information from Career Services and VT Engage, in particular, will appear here.
  • InclusiveVT is where we will keep you apprised of both university progress and our specific endeavors including news from the Intercultural Engagement Center, Cranwell International Center, and InclusiveVT Catalysts will populate here too.
  • Strengths will offer the most up-to-date information about the StregnthsFinder assessment and how we are utilizing it in awesome ways at Virginia Tech. Have you seen the list of all 34 strengths? If not, it’s here!
  • Well-Being covers a lot of territory! We have the Gallup-Perdue Index report loaded and ready for you, and we’ll share information from all of our Health and Wellness areas on this site.

Using Outlook to Connect to SharePoint Central

PC Users

PC users can connect their Microsoft Outlook application to SharePoint, allowing them to view discussion list items, calendar updates, and announcements directly in Outlook. Below are the existing tutorials and posts for accomplishing this task:

Mac Users

A direct connection from Outlook to SharePoint does not work using a Mac. Setting alerts will allow you to stay up to date.